Being a manager can be tough.

And for many, it doesn’t feel like it gets any easier over time. Maybe that’s you? You were successful in your individual role and then needed to figure out how to be successful through others. It’s a big ask. As time goes by, you somehow find a way to do the job. But is it the best way?

  • Do you feel you’re not getting the best out of your team?

  • Are there team members you really struggle to manage?

  • Are you working long hours but still don’t seem to get everything done?

Six Weeks To A Smarter Manager  was created just for you.


You can read books on time management, learn techniques to delegate better and watch TED Talks on motivation.

All great stuff.

But none of it will give you the results without focusing on three foundational things first.


    Understanding the impact you have on others and why others impact you in the way they do


    Building strong relationships to form a critical support network around you


    Getting clarity on the expectations of the role and know how to engage your team to achieve them

What Course Participants Are Saying

“Learning in bite size chunks each week is beneficial, with opportunity to ‘use’ what you have learnt before the next session, and feedback to the group next time”. - Karen, Operations Manager

"I feel I developed in areas that I was struggling with previously. This allowed me to be more effective in my job and helped the team I was leading”. - Rad, Developer

I get it.

  • Debbie Yarwood

    Senior Instructor

    Debbie Yarwood

    I was shocked how hard being a great manager was. If I’m honest, I thought I’d find it easy. That feeling lasted about two days. It was time to figure this out. I now combine what I learnt on that very bumpy journey of management with the best practices of experts in the field to coach new to mid level managers. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the job. I’ll help you build your confidence and competence to enjoy yours too.

It all starts on July 9th

Come and join me and a group of like-minded managers who struggle with the same things as you. You will be a member of a private, online academy committed to making big changes.
We’ll focus on three key areas that will dramatically improve your ability to manage:

  • Helping you understand yourself better. That’s pretty important before we start to figure out others around you.

  • Looking at your team, managers and peers and develop a better understanding of their behaviours. This will enable you to work with them much more effectively. And we’ll work on getting to know them better personally to strengthen that all important support network.

  • Turning this wealth of knowledge into results. So we’ll look at what you need to achieve in your job and how to engage your team so you can succeed together.

Time is ticking.

What are you waiting for?

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Look, I know you’re busy...

And that’s why I’ve designed this programme to be as flexible as possible.  

You’ll be looking at a time commitment of about 2 hours per week over six weeks. 

The academy has a combination of recorded training, live ‘drop in’ Q&A sessions with me and a strong group around you to hold you accountable to take action.

And don't worry if you can't get through it in six weeks. Everything is recorded and the content is yours to keep so you can work on it at any time beyond the 6 weeks.

Think about this...

Imagine feeling like some of the mystery has been taken out of managing your team.

  • You understood why Jack struggles with what you feel are simple instructions
  • Why Sarah doesn’t contribute in group sessions and can often appear aloof
  • Why Paul fails to deliver on time, even though the work was his idea in the first place
  • Why John questions EVERYTHING! Can he not just get on with it already?!

Then think about having a rock solid support network around you.  One that you know will have your back when things don’t go to plan

The clarity of knowing what’s expected of you.  

The ability to communicate that to your team so that they all understand.  

And the confidence that everyone is moving together in the right direction.

This is possible.  I can help you get there.

So this is it.

Six weeks to develop your self awareness, develop relationships and have clarity on what you need to achieve.

You’ll start by completing an Everything DiSC Management Profile. 

Just from this report, you’ll understand yourself and others around you.  It will give you a headstart on managing, delegating and motivating different personality types in your team, and how to work best with your manager.

Check out this video to find out more.

What you learn from this report will feed into the next six weeks which look like this….

  • WEEK 1

    You start getting to know you better. We’ll make sure you understand your DiSC profile and you’ll get some actions to figure out what type of profile your colleagues have.

  • WEEK 2

    We look at other ways to develop your self-awareness. We’ll also start mapping out your support network and learning how to build trust with them.

  • WEEK 3

    We keep pushing on self-awareness whilst starting to strengthen the relationships within your support network. We’ll discuss how to do this without it feeling weird or unnaturalgroup

  • WEEK 4

    Work continues in getting to know yourself and your network better, but this week we also focus on goals and what the business is expecting of you.

  • WEEK 5

    You’re becoming more self aware, you’re building stronger relationships and you know what you have to achieve. This week, we combine all of that to get your team as pumped as you to smash those expectations

  • WEEK 6

    Now, it’s time to turn goals into results. By the end of this week you will know how you and your team are going to get there together.


As a founding member, you will unlock special benefits.

From September, the investment will be £479


for founding members who join now, you'll have access to the entire programme for just £279.

Not only will you benefit from a special price but you’ll also get a 30 minute one to one call with me at any point during the programme.

Neither the price or the one to one sessions will be available from September.

And don't forget, although you can complete the programme in six weeks, you will have access to this content forever if life gets in the way.

Tick, Tock

Enroll now and get £200 off PLUS a 30 minute 1:1 call

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Still have questions?

  • Who will benefit most from this programme?

    Any manager who feels they could be doing a better job. You may be a new manager or have been doing the job for a few years. I am confident that any manager who is open to developing themselves will get value from this programme.

  • What happens if I can’t complete the programme in 6 weeks?

    Don't worry. The content is yours to keep beyond the six weeks. Even the live sessions are recorded so you can watch at a time convenient to you.

  • At what time will the live sessions take place?

    I review the time zones of the the attendees and try and find the best times for everyone. If for any reason you can’t attend a live session, you can submit a question beforehand that I will answer live for you. All sessions are recorded and you will have access to view that at a time convenient to you.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes! If you work through the whole programme, and genuinely don’t feel the difference, I’ll refund you in full.