OK, let’s get it out there.
Being a manager is tough.

You are magically expected to know how to delegate, give feedback, coach under-performing team members.

You have to make decisions that you often feel horribly under-equipped to make.

And, of course, you need to develop your team.

An amazing, close knit, high performing team.

And you have to do this under the watchful eye of your manager and your team.

Who wouldn’t need help with all that?

In depth management training is great (and only a few ever receive it), but sometimes you just crave some guidance on dealing with this one challenge you’re facing right now.

It might be that feeling of overwhelm, that difficult team member, the overpowering boss.

Or perhaps it’s dealing with the under performerboosting flagging motivation levels or finding a way you don’t have to bring your work home.

The Smarter Manager Academy was created just for you.

Whether you’re new to management or have been struggling with it for a little longer, it’s time to work smarter. 

And that can be done by making small changes and doing them consistently.  

I know you’re busy so I promise you action based information in the courses that you can implement straight away.

However you need help, you’re in the right place.

Right, let’s crack on.